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Schitt's Creek: Alexis' 10 Best Outfits, Ranked | ScreenRant

Schitt’s Creek stars Annie Murphy as Alexis, the only daughter of the formerly wealthy Rose family who began the series as a selfish and spoiled socialite. Since moving to Schitt’s Creek under less than ideal circumstances, Alexis has graduated high school and college, started her public relations firm, and cultivated friendships all over town. Her relationship with her family has also improved, and she even found love, not once, but twice. As the show comes to an end after six seasons, she has proven herself to be an empathic young woman who is so much more than a caricature of the Coachella-ready Millennial.

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And she does it all in style. Whether she’s organizing a singles night for the town or negotiating her way out a hostage situation in an international locale, Alexis is always dressed to impress. Without further ado, here are Alexis’ ten best outfits on Schitt’s Creek and the reasons we love them.

10 The pink dress and grey cardigan

Alexis’s recipe for an Instagram-worthy outfit: a dramatic minidress, brown or black ankle boots, delicate gold jewelry, and some eye-catching accessories. This was her winning formula throughout all six seasons, though she often found success in breaking the rules, such as this knitted grey cardigan that she layered on over a soft pink dress in “Roadkill.” She completed the look with a delicate Alice band to push her hair back. We couldn’t think of a better outfit for visiting the family business for a little brother-sister chat.

9 The chambray off-the-shoulder dress

Here’s a more traditional Alexis outfit. Alexis is wearing an off-the-shoulder minidress made from chambray denim, with an embroidered floral design and ruching along the neckline and sleeves. She wore oversized hoop earrings and a collection of rings on both hands, and she left her hair in natural, loose waves. As for makeup, she paired a dark pink lip and blush with a mild smokey eye. Classic Alexis.

8 The gold dress

For her big reunion with Mutt, Alexis wore this shift dress with a purple botanical print and gold overlay. Her love triangle with Ted and Mutt ended in “The Rollout,” when she definitively refused Mutt’s advances after spending lots of quality time with Ted at the veterinary clinic.

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This adorable dress has a V-neck that shows off Alexis’s trademark “A” necklace. Alexis also wore her hair in a half ponytail instead of her usual beachy waves.

7 The butterfly dress

This sweet butterfly dress with a pink belt appeared in the episode, “Moira’s Nudes.” Alexis paired it with a jeweled Alice band that picked up the pink tones in her belt. Her earrings are relatively understated for this outfit, and her “A” necklace is nowhere to be seen. In its place is a choker along with a long pendant necklace for the finishing touch on a radiant look. We have to say, the multicolored butterflies that make this dress are gorgeous.

6 The finding David dress

This black polka-dotted sundress is one of Alexis’s more luxe outfits. She accessorizes it with black lace-up boots and delicate gold necklaces. The star of the outfit, though, is her floppy sunhat decorated with what appears to be feathers. It was a completely inappropriate outfit for the Rose’s search for David in Amish country at the beginning of Season 2. Who knew what crossed the minds of the family David sought refuge with when the Roses arrived. As for why no one panicked when Alexis went missing? Well, as it turned out, the FBI knew exactly where she was.

5 The sequined floral robe

Alexis takes a page from Moira in this sequined black robe with a rose print. According to Dan Levy, Alexis is a combination of New York and L.A. She is not as dynamic as Moira when it comes to clothes, though, like her mother, she is also a follower of trend fashion.

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Alexis has a softer palette of pinks, beiges, and white and tries out new trends every season, some of which work beautifully and others which don’t. Black is a far cry from her usual soft palette, but it’s safe to say that the sequined robe, with its Moira-esque dramatic flair, definitely works.

4 The velvet wrap dress

Alexis’s taste for adventure is evident in her stories about dating royalty, competing in parlor games to save her friends, and narrowly escaping the Yakuza. Her former career as a model was just as evident when she tried to give poor Stewie advice on finding her angles in “Baby Sprinkle.” Alexis was quite intimidating in her blue velvet wrap dress, gold pendant necklace, and vampy makeup. It isn’t easy getting caught up in all those international incidents, but her modeling career was no doubt a successful one.

3 The green kimono

Alexis wore this stunning green kimono over denim shorts and a white top. The kimono added flair to an otherwise everyday summer outfit, with its bold floral print and dramatic length.

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Also part of this outfit was the large gold tassel earrings and silver sequined bag Alexis carried. This outfit was all about the statement jewelry, with Alexis wearing chunky bracelets on both wrists, a turquoise ring, and of course, those tassel earrings. In a modern twist on mixed metals, her silver bag was the perfect choice for this outfit despite the abundance of gold.

2 The mixed-print burgundy dress

Alexis wore this mixed-print dress in “The Barbeque” with oversized hoop earrings and a statement necklace. The dress notably had cutouts below the shoulders for extra interest. She also wore grey suede boots and carried a red bag with a matching gold chain to complete the look.

Alexis’s makeup was also on point: her vampy red lip and cat-eyes were the perfect complement to her burgundy dress. All things considered, this is one stellar back-to-school outfit for the late summer or early fall season.

1 The Christmas dress

On that seasonal note, Alexis’s absolute best outfit is her dress in “Christmas.” It had a fabulous, jeweled Peter Pan collar and a festive floral print that might look like upholstery if it weren’t for the modern cut of the fabric (a minidress, naturally) and the jeweled avian appliques. Alexis wore her hair up for this outfit, leaving one lock to frame her face while the rest is swept aside to reveal a glittering ear crawler. There was no way we could refuse outfit this the top spot, especially with the blue, orange, and beige floral print providing such a stunning contrast against the red fabric.

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