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Schitt's Creek: 10 Johnny Rose Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Eugene Levy has played many father figures in movies and on television, where he’s known for his befuddled incredulity and bushy brows. Schitt’s Creek, the Canadian comedy about a wealthy family who loses it all and is forced to move to the country, certainly capitalizes on that. But Johnny Rose is also given self-sufficiency, agency, and a whole lot of classy suits.

He is the straight man to his eccentric family, which consists of his actress wife Moira, and his two adult children Alexis and David (David is played by actor/co-creator Daniel Levy who is, yes, Eugene’s real son). While they may have to live out of a motel in a small town without Door Dash, it’s Johnny that keeps their spirits up and encourages them to appreciate what they do have: each other. Here are 10 Johnny Rose memes to celebrate the Rose patriarch.


Johnny Rose may not have a grasp on the latest social media trends, but he has a grasp on style. And while Alexis and Moira have made the rounds participating in the Dolly Parton Challenge, it’s time that one of the Rose men got in on the action Honestly, we expected it to be David.

Actor Eugene Levy (73) and Dolly Parton (74) are contemporaries and are both known for being able to make fun of themselves for their much-parodied outward appearances. Each is known for a prominent aspect of their physicality, which has become their trademarks. Levy’s impressive brows also make an impressive mustache.


Johnny Rose isn’t the most on top of pop culture, but he tries to understand what’s trending so that he can utilize it in his business. When he took over the Schitt’s Creek Motel and rebranded it into the Rosebud Motel, he also created its social media presence.

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Does it matter if he tells people to tweet him on Facebook? Not really, because customers will have all kinds of things to say about their stay in Schitt’s Creek. Whether Johnny is able to follow them or not, he can content himself with knowing somewhere out in the ether, people are sharing about the little slice of Schitt they experienced.


Johnny Rose may have been the Video King, with a Rose Video in every county and a budding franchise that brought him millions, but when he lost it all to his business partner he had to leave that life behind. Johnny had to get used to living like a regular person, and that meant cooking his own food for his family.

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As Johnny so memorably told Patrick when they were enjoying a fine afternoon in Schitt’s Creek, he knew his way around a grill. He’d seen many a personal chef flip a burger in front of him, and it didn’t seem too difficult. Holding a beer seemed pretty important in the role of grillmaster.


It’s criminal that some viewers are only being turned onto Schitt’s Creek when it’s on its sixth and final season. The Canadian Broadcasting Company budgeted little for its marketing and had no idea how much of a hit it would be in the United States.

Once it dropped on Netflix, it became one of the most-watched comedy shows due to its completely binge-worthy dialogue, storylines, and colorful characters. It’s like Roland Schitt, whose inane antics find some way to occupy every moment of Johnny’s spare time whether he likes it or not.


Johnny Rose is basically the world’s greatest husband. He’s devoted to his diva wife Moira, who can be an eccentric and difficult partner at times. He is forever indulging her needs when a lesser man would criticize them for being too extra or too extreme.

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When David is planning Jocelyn’s baby shower, Johnny gives him some tips on the pitfalls of not starting early. He uses Moira’s 40th birthday party as an example. He had the party decorated in a Casablanca theme and the difficulties in renting real camels that need to be quarantined for a month are real.


Living in Schitt’s Creek, the Roses have had to give up some aspects of their luxurious lifestyles. Alexis has to go without rooftop parties with bottle service, and David has had to give up expensive eye cream from Paris. If they want any part of their old lives, they’ll need to get jobs.

Johnny Rose understands the meaning of hard work because he franchised a video rental business, and he knows that in order to acquire the “smooth under eyes of a 16-year-old” you need to be able to pay for the products. Johnny expects no free rides and tries to imbue his spoiled kids with the same work ethic.


As the most practical of the Roses, Johnny often has to provide stability for his family as well as guidance. However, there are lots of skills his kids can teach him, especially about how to connect his new business venture, the Rosebud Motel, with the outside world.

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Johnny may be a little behind the times, and a coaster that says “Tweet Us On Facebook!” in every room might be a little archaic, but the important thing is that he takes his family’s advice, and isn’t afraid to not appear like an expert when he genuinely needs help.


One of the reasons fans keep tuning into Schitt’s Creek is for the incredible ensemble acting and to see what new weirdly fabulous outfit(s) Moira Rose is going to turn out in. She doesn’t let the drab environs of small-town life prevent her from dressing with aplomb.

Where other men might question Moira’s choice from the millinery, he sees her as beautiful in each and every new piece of costuming she adorns herself with. Everyone should be so lucky as to have an encouraging and loving partner like Johnny Rose.


In order to be the even-keeled member of the family and manage all of the melodramatic antics of his wife and children, Johnny needs to be endlessly optimistic. While his family bemoans the wealthy life they left behind to live in Schitt’s Creek, he understands that it’s just a bump in the road of their journey towards being self- sufficient.

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Johnny’s cup of life is always half full not half empty because he understands the lessons being imparted in the trials and tribulations he faces. He can get frustrated with situations, but because he’s optimistic, he never succumbs to morbid malaise. He leaves that to Moira.


What makes someone an icon? Is it the way they wear their hair? The clothes they pick? The way they comport themselves in life? If all the above is true, then Johnny Rose is as much a style icon as the great country-western star Johnny Cash.

Johnny Rose may not wear Cash’s customary black wardrobe and leaves the darker colors to his wife and son, but he’s known to value a well-tailored suit or sport coat and a finely detailed pair of wingtips. One thing the Johnnys can agree on is coiffing a full head of hair.

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