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Review: SeaBed – A Moving Visual Novel Masterpiece, If You Give It A Chance

Ooh, mysterious girls.

Anyone who has ever studied literature will know all too well that even works universally agreed to be timeless classics don’t necessarily appeal to everyone in the general public. Such will doubtless be the case with SeaBed, a visual novel developed by Paleontology Soft and brought West by localisation specialists Fruitbat Factory. It’s an absolute masterpiece, but for every person who recognises it as such, several more are likely to bounce off it hard for one reason or another.

SeaBed is an NVL-style kinetic yuri mystery sound novel (trying saying that three times as fast). For those less familiar with visual novel vernacular, what this means is that the story is told through full pages of prose rather than dialogue boxes; there are absolutely no choices for the player to make whatsoever; the relationships in the game are exclusively female same-sex ones; the core narrative is based around strange happenings that are at least partly left up to the reader’s interpretation rather than being explained explicitly; and voice acting is eschewed completely in favour of descriptive prose, atmospheric music and evocative sound effects.

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