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Review: La-Mulana 2 – A Deep And Challenging Metroidvania For Your Switch

Passing the torch.

As indie game development has massively ramped up over the past decade or so, there’s also been an equivalent rise in the popularity of the Metroidvania genre. We’ve seen countless fascinating examples of how elements of the genre can be bent or expanded upon to create amazing new experiences, but one of the finest examples of a Metroidvania came with the launch of La-Mulana as a freeware game in 2005. The unique focus on uncompromising puzzle design and high difficulty made the sidescroller a cult hit, and its status was only furthered with the remake that came a few years later. Still, developer Nigoro evidently had more that it wanted to explore with the concept of La-Mulana, which led to the creation of a Kickstarter in January 2014 for La-Mulana 2.

The crowdfunding effort was a resounding success, with the campaign raising over a quarter of a million dollars, and La-Mulana 2 then saw its initial debut relatively recently in July of 2018. Now, the title has finally made its way to the Switch, and we’re happy to report that Nigoro lost none of the magic that made the original such a unique and captivating experience. If anything, the studio outdid itself with this sophomore effort, crafting an adventure that feels better paced and more cohesive than its predecessor, while also being more fun to play overall.

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