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10 Awesome Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo Switch Can Do

Nintendo debuted their latest console, the Nintendo Switch, on March 7th 2017, and the world of gaming was forever changed. Engineered as a hybrid of home and hand-held devices, the Switch allows gamers old and new to keep their favorite games, like Super Smash Bros. or Overwatch, with them at all times.

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Since release, the Switch has sold over 40 million units and a sleeker, handheld-only version, the Switch Lite, was introduced in 2019. Users have had over two years to explore the capabilities of the console and plenty of Switch secrets have been uncovered during this time. Delving into the gaming treasures they’ve unearthed, here are 10 awesome things you didn’t know your Nintendo Switch can do.

10 Buy Games from an International eShop

The Nintendo Switch has lax regional restrictions, which allows for some nifty options when it comes to game downloads. The eShop, where users digitally purchase titles, is unique to each country, meaning some games may not be available in the United States, for example, but are in Japan.

If a user chooses, they may sign up for a Nintendo account and register it to their console; changing the home country settings from there will allow for access to that regions eShop and its exclusive offerings.

9 Lightsaber Duels

Turning the Joy-Con into a lightsaber takes a little more effort than just scrolling to the settings menu, but the payoff is absolutely worth it. The Nintendo Labo are cardboard-based DIY projects that can be purchased for the Switch, using VR to bring hand-crafted experiences to life. An Easter egg in the game allows gamers to recreate the Star Wars duels of their dreams.

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Once in the Labo tutorial section, gamers should hold either the X or Y button on their controllers along with the shoulder buttons. Doing this will ignite the onscreen Joy-Cons, allowing for epic electronic battles.

8 Play the Ocarina

For anyone who has ever wanted to pick up and play their own Ocarina, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for the Switch has a hidden secret that allows gamers to accomplish this dream.

Once on one of the loading screens, experimenting with different button combinations can yield melodic results and classic songs from other Zelda titles can be replicated. It’s a pleasant surprise the developers included to help fans pass the time as they wait for the next quest on their journey to save the world.

7 Read a Hidden Message

The Switch Pro controller allows for competitive players to give themselves the extra edge they desire while plowing through the contents of their game library. As a reward to their loyal fans, Nintendo has included a covert message inside the Pro controller itself.

Best seen by moving the right analog stick down and viewing at an angle, secret text reads “thnx2 allgamefans!,” making it one of the most elusive Easter eggs the company has ever produced.

6 Secret Save Files

Being limited to one save file is a complaint that consumers have had since the launch of the console and savvy gamers have found a workaround to this issue. The solution is straightforward: create a separate profile in the system and play the game with it. While not the most ideal resolution, it does allow users to explore an entirely unique Hyrule or make fresh team decisions in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

After going to the settings menu, select “users” and then “add user;” this new profile can then be used to play games and utilize new save files.

5 Dance with Dogs

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is filled with enough throwbacks, callbacks and hidden secrets to keep fans of the series exploring Hyrule for hours on end. One of the more wholesome Easter eggs in the game are the prancing pooches that populate the countryside.

If Link bends down beside one of his canine companions and spins in a circle long enough, his dog will follow suit, resulting in an interspecies dance-off. It’s an entertaining and simple way to take a reprieve from the daunting task of eradicating the forces of evil from the land.

4 Extend Its Battery Life

While the main selling point of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to be taken virtually anywhere, the real-world logistics of this are somewhat spotty. Complaints are regularly heard about the short battery life of the console while in handheld mode. Too often gamers find themselves in the midst of a battle or the midpoint of a stage, only for their Switch to cut off due to lack of sufficient battery power.

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Fortunately, a solution to this issue exists, portable battery packs may be used to extend the life expectancy of the device. Many peripherals are available to purchase in order to keep the gaming going even if players find themselves on the go.

3 Custom Airplane Mode

The portability of the Switch is one of the highlights of the system and like many modern gadgets, it comes with an Airplane mode. This feature is designed to deactivate the wireless connections on a device, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, however, Nintendo allows users to customize their disconnection preferences.

In the “settings” menu, while in tabletop or handheld mode, selecting “Airplane Mode” will automatically shut down any wireless communications. If a user would still prefer to use their wire-free connections, merely choose the preferred connection method and turn it on.

2 Pair Joy-Cons with Other Devices

The Joy-Con controllers are connected to a Switch through Bluetooth and this same technology can be used to pair them with alternate devices. Laptops and smartphones are both able to support Joy-Con use, however the actual implementation of this pairing is more novel than practical.

To experience this cross-pairing of platforms, disconnect the Joy-Con from the Switch and hold the button down on the controller as if pairing them normally. Select the Joy-Cons from the Bluetooth list on the newly desired device and they’ll be available for use.

1 Combine Switch Screens

Innovation is consistently at the forefront with Nintendo; the technology from the Wii was expounded upon with the Wii U and has cumulated in the modern-day marvel that is the Switch. The company hasn’t stopped outdoing themselves since launch either, in fact, new ways to incorporate the lesser-known features of the device are still being integrated into new game launches. Perhaps the most interesting is the ability to combine Switch screens with a friend, prominently used in Super Mario Party. 

The mini-game “Toad’s Rec Room” allows two Switch consoles to be combined in tabletop mode for a unique and inventive gaming experience, opening the door for future titles to capitalize upon this concept.

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